Narahari Bhawandla

Narahari Bhawandla.jpg

Narahari Bhawandla's paintings depict the rustic lifestyle of people of Telangana region. He is an ambassador of rural sensibilities and traditional folklore of village folks of this region defined by centuries of cultural excellence and tradition of storytelling, myth making, dance and music. His strokes are bold and sharply defined, his colours are sprightly and creatively splashed, his canvas is folksy, the nature he paints is as rustic as his themes and his men and women are bold, robust and bring forth, the pink tinge of good health in their persona.

Narahari's work is an epitome of serene village life in its natural splendor. Somewhere, the music of Telangana resonates in his earthly paintings. His work is a bold statement and visual commentary on the tranquil landscapes of Telangana region.