Rama Krishna

Ramakrishna brings forth the tapestry of a modern city woven together with small geometrical structures and crisscrossing lines which completely fit into one another like fragments of a jigsaw puzzle. The ‘line’ is continuous and prominently inspired by Indian traditional/ miniature paintings. The palette is rich in vibrant hues that enlighten and enliven the cityscapes. Fragmented series of patterns of rectangular forms divide the space into innumerable sections that are closely rendered and grant a textural quality and intrinsic stirring to the space. Ramakrishna explores the city landscape as being a part of it, as an insider. He weaves a picture of his urban environment in a creatively rendered and ornamentally enhanced stylisation. His works bring forth a kind of ‘oneness’ that unites all the inhabitants of his city together. They seem quite content with themselves surrounded by the netted structures that subsume them entirely. 

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